Constructive Rest

Constructive RestYesterday I wrote about the 15 minute practice session to get you going. This can be applied to anything. This morning my first 15 minute practice session was Constructive Rest (at 6 am). I put my timer on for 15 minutes and laid down on the floor, on my back. Some of my violin students know this counts as practice time! (Usually I start people off with 5 or 10 minutes of Constructive Rest).

The main thing to do when lying down on your back for Constructive Rest is to learn to not do or to undo. It may take a bit to learn–surprisingly! Usually there is a lot of doing going on when lying down on the floor and not a whole lot of resting. Notice all the parts of the body that you are holding up away from the floor (unconsciously). Let each part of your body come down to rest on the floor. Learning to rest is important. Usually our back is held up from the floor a little. Over a span of 5-15 minutes your whole body will slowly unwind and come to rest on the floor. Just observe. Learn to rest. Your head, whole back and spine, your arms, your feet (I usually have my legs bent, with feet on the floor, which is better for your low back than stretching out your legs long, but choose whichever way is most comfortable for your legs and back.)

Allow your neck, back, spine and whole body unwind and come back to its full, natural resting length, width and depth.

Coming soon: resting the bow on the string, which is like resting your body (and mind) on the floor.

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