Dr. Suzuki’s keys to success

suzukisteppingGetting back to practicing and need some inspiration? Dr. Suzuki noted these 9 conditions that lead to success and excellence. Choose one to focus on to get you and your child going this fall. Ask your child which one he or she would like to work on.

1. To study daily without exception.

2. To study with proper focus on key points and not to practice wastefully.

3. To strive daily to produce excellent tone.

4. To attend to one’s posture with proper care.

5. To practice according to a set daily schedule and to gradually increase one’s practice time.

6. To practice pieces already learned so as to continually improve one’s performance. This is one effective method to cultivate ability.

7. Not to rush ahead but to dedicate oneself to attaining excellent tone.

8. To be able to play any piece well, no matter how long ago one has learned it.

9. To listen frequently to superior models.

by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki from My Study of Violin Playing, 1951

Would love to hear which one you and your child choose for September–or if you have your own key to success you want to share and add to Suzuki’s list! Happy practicing!

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