Lesson Tuition, Fees, Make-up Policy, Group classes

Suzuki private lessons are held Monday-Friday at the Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA. Group classes are held at New England Conservatory in downtown Boston on Saturdays.

Tuition and Fees for September 2019-June 2020


$100 non-refundable deposit for returning students to hold your spot for the fall: due July 1st. An invoice for the fall will be sent to you in August. New students, please contact me directly.

$20 registration fee/family for each semester.

Private Lessons:

Tuition: $52/$75/$96 for 30/45/60 minutes respectively.

Fall Semester: Tuesday, September 3-Friday, January  24 (16 weeks)

Fall payment is due in full by September 6 or in two payments on September 6 and November 8. Late fee of $25 will be applied after September 15 and after November 15. You may pay by check in person, venmo, or send a check in the mail to 13 Linden St, Apt 2, Somerville, MA 02143. Make checks payable to Angela Leidig.

Note: No lessons October 2-9. I will be away at a training course that week. Wednesday students be offered one make-up lesson on Monday, September 30.

Thanksgiving Break: Friday, November 22-November 30: no private lessons or group classes. Friday students will be offered a make-up on Monday, November 18.

Holiday Break: No lessons Monday, December 23-Friday, January 10. Lessons and group classes resume Saturday, January 11 . No group classes Saturday December 21, December 28, and January 4.

**If I make any changes to the semester dates, they will be refunded or credited to the next semester.

Winter/Spring Semester: January 27-TBA

Winter/spring payment is due in full by January 31 or in two payments on January 31 and March 27. Late fee of $25 will be applied after February 7 and after April 1. You may pay by check in person, venmo or send it in the mail to 13 Linden St, Apt 2, Somerville, MA 02143. Make checks payable to Angela Leidig.

Breaks for the Winter/Spring semester:

February break: TBA

April break: TBA

Group class breaks: February 15, March 14, and TBA. Last day for group classes May 3. Spring Concert in Brown Hall: Sunday, May 3, 9:45 arrival in Brown Hall.

Summer lessons June-August: TBA


Tuition refunds will be prorated until the third lesson of the semester. There are no refunds after the third lesson of each semester.

Group Classes at NEC (required for students Books 1-4): Saturday, Sept. 15, Fall group classes begin. Suzuki violin group classes will be taught by Rachel Fabulich, Angela Leidig, and Laura Williamson and are arranged by level/book. Two group concerts will be given during the year at the end of each semester with additional special concerts scheduled each year (i.e. Cartoon Festival at Symphony Hall and a performance of the Star Spangled Banner for the Celtics at the TD Garden.)

Suzuki group classes for Books 1-4 are held on Saturdays from September-June at the New England Conservatory in downtown Boston. Please register at  NEC prep registration page for group classes at the regular tuition amount.

NEC fall registration is open for group classes. Go to NEC Suzuki page for information about group times and click here for tuition and fee information. Register for a 45 minute Suzuki group class.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Ages 0-3, 10:00-11;00 am. NEW****

Pre-Twinkle/beginner class at 9:15-10:00 am.

Book 1A at 11:00-11:45

Book 1B at 11:00-11:45

Book 1C/2 at 11:00-11:45

Book 2 at 10:15-11:00

Book 2B/3 at 10:15-11:00

Book 3B/4 at 9:15-10:00

Solo Recitals: Each student will be required to perform in solo recitals each semester. Recitals are crucial for musical development, progress and motivation. $20 per recital per student for space and accompanist fees.

Dates TBA

Alexander Technique Lessons:

15 minute Alexander Technique Lessons are available before your lesson if space allows: Cost is $25. Individual Alexander Technique lessons are available for students and parents at the student rate of $65/hour.

Make-up Policy

Students are given one make-up per semester with advance notice (minimum of 24 hours) and if schedules allow. Students are encouraged to arrange a lesson swap if they know that they will be missing a lesson; a minimum of a week’s notice is necessary to try to switch with another student. Please give as much notice as you can to request a make-up or lesson swap.

Make-up lessons are for emergencies, sickness, if you know in advance you will be out-of-town or students who have a scheduled school concert or school trip.

In the event of an emergency cancelation, a make-up may be offered at the teacher’s discretion if an opening is available the week of the cancelation. If no opening is available that week, the lesson will not be made up.

Once a make-up lesson is scheduled it can not be rescheduled. A canceled make-up lesson will not be rescheduled.

In case of snow days canceled at my office, Skype or FaceTime lessons will be offered that day from my home. If I am teaching at my office and you can not make it due to weather, you may use your make-up lesson for the semester for that day.

Any teacher absences will be rescheduled.

Group classes are unable to be made-up..

All make-up lessons must be completed by the end of the semester. Any make-up lessons not completed by the end of the semester will not be applied to future semesters. In the event that a student cannot make any of the times offered for make-up lessons by the teacher, the make up lesson is forfeited.

I would love to offer more makeups, but my schedule is busy, and I cannot offer every student more than one make up so I kindly ask you not to request extra makeups. Thank you for the consideration!!

Lesson Expectations

Practice daily! Practice daily the assignments you are given each week. This is by far the best way to make progress and to enjoy learning to play the violin! (see practice model below)*

Listen daily to your Suzuki recording. Attend concerts, listen to lots of music and watch youtube videos of great artists. Listening builds pitch, rhythm, tone, musical expression, motivation and love for classical music. Much easier to learn new pieces when you are listening a lot! The music is already downloaded into the brain and ear.

Attendance and attitude! Arrive a little early for lessons and group to have time for snack, bathroom, washing hands, etc. Bring a bottle of water to the lesson. Cut your nails every week!

Parents must attend each lesson, group class and take notes. Your active presence and contribution is essential. No cell phones during the lessons including texting, calls, and reading; emergency use only please. Pictures and video recording welcome!

Summer lessons: taking some summer lessons is required. All your hard work and progress throughout the year is severely affected by taking too much time off. Recommended: take as many as you can! 4+ at least to keep you going. Attending summer music camps and institutes is a great way to make a lot of progress, have fun and get motivated!

*Practice model for success:

Practicing: Consistency is key for success. To build level and ability, gradually increase practice time. See if you are close to this model…if you are practicing above the recommended amount, keep it up! 🙂

5+ days a week (lessons and group classes do not count as practice) 6-7 days/week is the best.

Beginners work up to at least 30 min/day

Book 1 (year 2): 30-45 min/day

Book 2: 45 min/day

Book 3: 45-1 hour/day

Book 4: 1 hour plus+/day

Book 5: 1 hour-1 hour and 15 min+/day

Book 6 and up: 1 1/2 hours+/day