Summer Lesson Practice Guide 1: Summer Practice Intentions



Summer is almost here!

My intention is to post some summer lesson guides/inspiration throughout the summer for my students. To get started, as you are planning out your summer, talk to your child about your summer lesson goals. What are your goals and what are their goals? …and then share them with me in lessons, and we’ll come up with shared goals and how to make them happen. Summer is a great time for rest after a busy year of practice, group classes, rehearsals and performances. It is also a great time to focus on individual practice.

Momentum: I have been told many times over the years that students (and parents!!) need a break over the summer. I do too! However, just as many times I’ve been told that after taking one summer off almost completely, parents realize the painful reality of trying to get back to where you were when you start up in again in the fall. I always say it is like exercise. If you take off for 3 months or practice very intermittently, it will take a couple of months to get the physical, mental, and emotional stamina back for practicing regularly and sounding as good as you did a few months ago. Come up with a plan to keep your momentum from the year going while also finding the right amount of rest and rejuvenation that fits you and your child. I love to set some summer practice projects with students. It might be a review project, it might be technical, it might be a reading project. For my traveling students it is usually listening and review. Go to a summer camp or Suzuki institute; lots of momentum building there! Take summer lessons! It will keep you going and give you some focus!



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