Angela makes studying music fun.

Will Kaufmann, Suzuki student

Angela has been the careful and caring steward of our children’s musical education for eight years.

She holds high standards for them and provides constant encouragement. Under her guidance they have developed musical ears, tools for improving their individual skills and a love of making music with others. And as a parent, she is an ever-patient and understanding co-conspirator and friend.”

Kat Kaufmann, Suzuki parent

I feel very fortunate to have “found” Angela. As a teacher myself, I observe her teaching my son from both a maternal and a professional perspective. Through both eyes, I am always immensely impressed. We have certainly worked with other teachers – both in the United States and overseas, and by far, Angela is the best we have encountered.

My son doesn’t have the strongest concentration skills in the world, and without fail, Angela shows tremendous patience  – more than I can ever muster. Further, she adjusts her lesson according to his ability to concentrate (which changes from week to week, and always has a game up her sleeve – and it always-  and I do mean always – works. Further, however creaky a scale or piece might be, Angela always finds something nice to say about it – which, even if my son doesn’t notice, the parent who works so hard at home, certainly does – and these little supportive (and accurate) comments make a big difference to one’s ability to keep practicing.

In sum, she teachers clearly, carefully, warmly, and again – at the risk of being repetitive – with great great patience. She is one loved teacher.

Anna Shine, Suzuki parent

My first Alexander Technique session with Angela was absolutely amazing. I had heard many extremely positive things about the Alexander Technique; my mother attributed her immediate improvement of her arm and shoulder pain and greater range of motion to her very first Alexander Technique lesson many years ago.  But I did not think that it would have such an immediate and enormous effect on my playing and general overall feeling of increased relaxation.
Within the first five minutes of the lesson, after Angela listened to me play and then paid attention to my neck and applied what I can only call magic, she asked me to play again.  I could not believe the difference in my tone and the feel of my bow arm. My tone came out more richly, and more naturally.  The bow just seemed to sink into the strings with more weight.  The release of unconscious tension from my neck is what I think caused this dramatic improvement.
Angela showed me the way my body was holding in tension and demonstrated exercise to help, as well as worked with my arms, shoulders, and knees to release even more tension.  All of this resulted in my whole body feeling more relaxed.  And when I played at the end of the lesson, my tone was incredibly improved, more open and full.
The next day while teaching my students, I noticed how much richer my tone was, and then five days later when I played with a friend I play weekly with, she told me that she had wondered whether I had gotten a new violin or put on new strings or something.  She was blown away with the difference in tone.
Also, just in general, while walking around, I have felt that I tread more lightly and move with more fluidity. Everything feels softer.  It has been lovely to notice that I can more in the world with less stress and tension and slow down to consciously relax my body.
After only one hour with Angela, I feel like I learned an enormous amount and made a dramatic improvement. I am so excited to go back to do more with Angela!
Amy Tai
Suzuki Violin Teacher

Amy Tai, Alexander Technique Client

Angela Leidig is a compassionate and devoted teacher.  Our son has studied Suzuki violin with her for 6 years, starting as a four year old. During that time she has continually modified her teaching to accommodate our son.  She is patient and respects his individual learning style, yet is passionate about proper technique, posture, intonation and style.  We think she has given him the tools he needs to play ensemble, solos, and be a member of an orchestra.  I am always amazed to see how she is able to get him to focus for his lessons, from a half hour in the beginning to an hour today.  She never rushes repertoire yet moves him forward according to his ability with “mini milestones” along the way.

Angela  understands the importance of daily practice and instills excellence and dedication to all her students – many of which we hear playing at our son’s weekly Suzuki ensemble lessons that she also leads. We believe that our son’s understanding of  the importance of discipline and practice will carry over in many aspects of his life.  Our son’s confidence in himself as well as his realization that he possess a wonderful skill continues to be nurtured by Angela. We are grateful for her continued support of his musicianship as well as his character.

When I asked Gabriel how he would describe his teacher, he replied, “She is great and specific (ie detailed oriented)”.  Then he said, “On a scale of 1-10, she is a 2000!”

Jodi, Oliver and Gabriel, Suzuki family

I initially went to see Angela because I was experiencing laryngitis, chronic cough, and chest pain.  Since Alexander Technique is commonly used to address issues that arise in vocal training for singers, actors and public speakers, the staff at The Voice and Speech Laboratory at The Massachusetts Eye and Ear infirmary recommended I take Alexander lessons in addition to voice therapy to aid in my recovery. Thankfully I listened, because it was the best advice I’ve received!

My Alexander sessions with Angela were hugely helpful in addressing my voice and pain issues.

Not only did I learn to avoid poor habits affecting postural tone and neuromuscular coordination of my vocal muscles, she also taught me exercises that allowed me to relax and calm myself to reduce pain. Remarkably, after only a few lessons I saw improvement. The laryngitis, cough and chest pain are gone and I can speak with ease. I am no longer embarrassed at the sound of my voice or when speaking in public.

Angela offered me an individualized approach designed to unlock my body, breath and voice. She helped me to develop lifelong skills for self-care that have allowed me to recognize, understand, and avoid poor habits. Best of all, it is simple and effective. Moreover, her experience, compassion, nurturing touch, and her ability to teach are what keep me coming back! I am currently working with Angela to address a knee injury; and once again I am seeing rapid results. My experience working with Angela has been amazing and she has changed the
way I speak and move!

I highly recommend Angela as an Alexander Teacher to anyone who suffers from gastric reflux, laryngeal and voice disorders, chronic pain, posture issues, respiratory function, neuromuscular diseases, or just wants to move and speak more freely.

Steph King, Alexander Technique client

I love Angela!  She is so nice and cheerful!  An hour-long lesson feels like 15 minutes with her!

Elena (13), Suzuki student

Angela Leidig is a warm, caring, and patient teacher who is devoted to her students’ musical development. Under Angela’s guidance, my daughter is getting a comprehensive musical education. But more than that: playing the violin has become an authentic form of self-expression for her, and the violin has become a model of what it means to work hard and excel at something.

Bernhard, Suzuki parent