My first Alexander Technique session with Angela was absolutely amazing. I had heard many extremely positive things about the Alexander Technique; my mother attributed her immediate improvement of her arm and shoulder pain and greater range of motion to her very first Alexander Technique lesson many years ago.  But I did not think that it would have such an immediate and enormous effect on my playing and general overall feeling of increased relaxation.
Within the first five minutes of the lesson, after Angela listened to me play and then paid attention to my neck and applied what I can only call magic, she asked me to play again.  I could not believe the difference in my tone and the feel of my bow arm. My tone came out more richly, and more naturally.  The bow just seemed to sink into the strings with more weight.  The release of unconscious tension from my neck is what I think caused this dramatic improvement.
Angela showed me the way my body was holding in tension and demonstrated exercise to help, as well as worked with my arms, shoulders, and knees to release even more tension.  All of this resulted in my whole body feeling more relaxed.  And when I played at the end of the lesson, my tone was incredibly improved, more open and full.
The next day while teaching my students, I noticed how much richer my tone was, and then five days later when I played with a friend I play weekly with, she told me that she had wondered whether I had gotten a new violin or put on new strings or something.  She was blown away with the difference in tone.
Also, just in general, while walking around, I have felt that I tread more lightly and move with more fluidity. Everything feels softer.  It has been lovely to notice that I can more in the world with less stress and tension and slow down to consciously relax my body.
After only one hour with Angela, I feel like I learned an enormous amount and made a dramatic improvement. I am so excited to go back to do more with Angela!
Amy Tai
Suzuki Violin Teacher

Amy Tai, Alexander Technique Client