I feel very fortunate to have “found” Angela. As a teacher myself, I observe her teaching my son from both a maternal and a professional perspective. Through both eyes, I am always immensely impressed. We have certainly worked with other teachers – both in the United States and overseas, and by far, Angela is the best we have encountered.

My son doesn’t have the strongest concentration skills in the world, and without fail, Angela shows tremendous patience  – more than I can ever muster. Further, she adjusts her lesson according to his ability to concentrate (which changes from week to week, and always has a game up her sleeve – and it always-  and I do mean always – works. Further, however creaky a scale or piece might be, Angela always finds something nice to say about it – which, even if my son doesn’t notice, the parent who works so hard at home, certainly does – and these little supportive (and accurate) comments make a big difference to one’s ability to keep practicing.

In sum, she teachers clearly, carefully, warmly, and again – at the risk of being repetitive – with great great patience. She is one loved teacher.

Anna Shine, Suzuki parent