Angela Leidig is a compassionate and devoted teacher.  Our son has studied Suzuki violin with her for 6 years, starting as a four year old. During that time she has continually modified her teaching to accommodate our son.  She is patient and respects his individual learning style, yet is passionate about proper technique, posture, intonation and style.  We think she has given him the tools he needs to play ensemble, solos, and be a member of an orchestra.  I am always amazed to see how she is able to get him to focus for his lessons, from a half hour in the beginning to an hour today.  She never rushes repertoire yet moves him forward according to his ability with “mini milestones” along the way.

Angela  understands the importance of daily practice and instills excellence and dedication to all her students – many of which we hear playing at our son’s weekly Suzuki ensemble lessons that she also leads. We believe that our son’s understanding of  the importance of discipline and practice will carry over in many aspects of his life.  Our son’s confidence in himself as well as his realization that he possess a wonderful skill continues to be nurtured by Angela. We are grateful for her continued support of his musicianship as well as his character.

When I asked Gabriel how he would describe his teacher, he replied, “She is great and specific (ie detailed oriented)”.  Then he said, “On a scale of 1-10, she is a 2000!”

Jodi, Oliver and Gabriel, Suzuki family