I initially went to see Angela because I was experiencing laryngitis, chronic cough, and chest pain.  Since Alexander Technique is commonly used to address issues that arise in vocal training for singers, actors and public speakers, the staff at The Voice and Speech Laboratory at The Massachusetts Eye and Ear infirmary recommended I take Alexander lessons in addition to voice therapy to aid in my recovery. Thankfully I listened, because it was the best advice I’ve received!

My Alexander sessions with Angela were hugely helpful in addressing my voice and pain issues.

Not only did I learn to avoid poor habits affecting postural tone and neuromuscular coordination of my vocal muscles, she also taught me exercises that allowed me to relax and calm myself to reduce pain. Remarkably, after only a few lessons I saw improvement. The laryngitis, cough and chest pain are gone and I can speak with ease. I am no longer embarrassed at the sound of my voice or when speaking in public.

Angela offered me an individualized approach designed to unlock my body, breath and voice. She helped me to develop lifelong skills for self-care that have allowed me to recognize, understand, and avoid poor habits. Best of all, it is simple and effective. Moreover, her experience, compassion, nurturing touch, and her ability to teach are what keep me coming back! I am currently working with Angela to address a knee injury; and once again I am seeing rapid results. My experience working with Angela has been amazing and she has changed the
way I speak and move!

I highly recommend Angela as an Alexander Teacher to anyone who suffers from gastric reflux, laryngeal and voice disorders, chronic pain, posture issues, respiratory function, neuromuscular diseases, or just wants to move and speak more freely.

Steph King, Alexander Technique client